Genuine MARLES Steering Boxes

MARLES, a very well known name in steering gear for many famous makes such as Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Triumph, Daimler, Healey, Allard, HRG and Triumph etc is alive and thriving!

We are able to supply all the parts required for these boxes, particularly but not exclusively P3688, P3689, P3690 and P3691 (these references are able to be found on the main casing casting and may vary). Brand new boxes built to your specifications can also be undertaken, perhaps to replace a different box for which parts are no longer available.

We offer international collection, professional repair and return service at competitive rates via the TNT international courier network.

Steering Box BearingsBrand new TRIUMPH Roadster 2000 steering boxes - two available ex stock. Thse are a direct replacment for the MARLES smaller 362 steering box fitted as original equipment in these cars. Kit comprises of full steering column with main box at the bottom, correct splining on the column for the original steering wheel and a new clamp to fix the column assy to the chassis. We will need your original pitman arm back for re-splining to fit the new box. Our video on the right courtesy of TIMEX might be of interest. Any questions - please do contact us.

ALVIS owners: please note: we do not repair "ALVIS" MARLES steering boxes for Red Triangle Autoservices of Kenilworth and never have done. We are a completely independent private business and have no connection whatsoever to Red Triangle. David Cornwallis would be pleased to hear directly from ALVIS owners of any vintage (car or owner!) who needs help with repairs to their steering box.

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